What folks are saying about their experiences with me…


“I’ve always felt so at ease with you, and could share my innermost thoughts, without judgement. You have such a gentle way about you, and so accepting. I loved exchanging experiences of the images and feelings that would appear. Having a session with you always grounded me, and filled me up. I feel I can deal with the crazy, chaotic energy in the world because of the sessions I’ve had with you, and from what I took away from them.”
Susan Anacker, Deerfield, NY


“Over the years, with Pat’s help I have been able to let myself evolve into the person I felt I was inside not who everyone thought I should be. Learning to love myself and just being me, has opened up all sorts of new adventures for me. Life certainly has been rather fun and interesting now I am much more open to it all. Things I thought impossible have started to become reality.
I have found that the services that Pat has to offer, have always provided me with just the right thing at the right time on my journey.  I can’t say that the journey ever ends and that life does not become overwhelming  but I continue to use the information and practices that I learned from Pat. “
Christine, Jay, NY


“I had a amazing reading with Pat Jones last Sunday. I sent a private message (from another lovely group) asking for some guidance through a card reading.  I was amazed when Pat replied very quickly.  She did a reading with tiles which I had not come across before, and she even sent me a picture of the tiles layout…. The reading was spot on and related to the past as well as the situation that I find myself in at the moment… Thank you Pat… I will never forget how I called upon someone who I didn’t know and helped me greatly!”
Carol Turner, Facebook User


“Pat does a reading for me monthly and I have to say that every one has been spot on... helpful… and has brought my focus back. I have learned more about myself, my relationships and life just because I feel like I am getting “tuned in” to my feelings more. She is wonderful!!!”
Janet Lee Stanley, Palatine Bridge, NY


“Can’t say enough good things about this!!!!!”
Rachel Hutchison, Miami, FL


“My experience with Healing Adventures was a life saver. The life changes I am dealing with right now would be unmanageable without the loving guidance of Pat.”
Cynthia Pacharz, Saranac Lake, NY