Readings & Consultations

My readings and consultations are offered over the phone, or if you’d like a recording of your session, we can talk online through a teleconference.


 Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings are a wonderful tool for giving you an expanded perception of whatever is in question for you. Receiving a reading from a spiritual healer, however, is somewhat different than receiving a reading from a traditional psychic or medium. It’s not just a steady flow of information that is channeled in an objective manner, it’s more interactive and you’re never quite sure how the methodology is going to unfold. Your Guides will lead the session with the intention that whatever is most beneficial for you to hear or experience at this point in time is what will come through. A number of divination tools and/or energy healing tools may be used, including High Sense Perception (to read your energy or communicate directly with your Guides), SynchroSigns (similar to Tarot Cards), a pendulum (to read your chakras), or even Energy Work when needed.

This type of reading is helpful if you are:

  • Seeking a greater understanding of any or all aspects of yourself or your life.
  • Thinking about a change in your life.
  • Seeking healing or resolution of any kind with a loved one.
  • Seeking greater understanding around some kind of imbalance you are experiencing (illness, stress, etc.).
  • Curious about your connection with another person.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a wonderful alternative, or adjunct to traditional counseling. It is valuable for individuals, as well as couples. Incorporating an awareness of your Spirit, and the different aspects of your energy body into the challenges you are experiencing, can give you a deeper and more expanded perspective, as well as a wealth of spiritual and energetic tools to support you in your daily life. Some of the areas that can be explored are:

  • Understanding how you relate and communicate through your energy.
  • Recognizing how your Higher Self communicates with you.
  • Re-framing limiting beliefs.
  • Strengthening your capacity for open-heartedness with discernment and compassion.
  • Shifting your experiences of being powerless to that of being empowered.
  • Learning how to communicate with compassion and clarity.
  • Learning how to be more at ease in your life.
  • Understanding the various levels of reality and power.
  • Learning to let go of things from the past.
  • Learning how to live with increased Consciousness.

This type of service is helpful if you are:

  • Seeking inner peace and/or self empowerment.
  • Trying to experience life without crisis, anxiety or medication to buffer your emotions.
  • Seeking more clarity, love and intimacy in your relationships.
  • Seeking healing or resolution of any kind with a particular situation in your life.
  • Self medicating in some way.
  • On a journey of self awareness.
  • Trying to manifest changes in your life.
  • Trying to shift out of self hatred or self judgment.
  • Feeling like something is missing in your life, but aren’t sure what it is.

Chakra Readings

Chakra Readings give you a wealth of information relating to your overall physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and functioning. Each of your major energy centers (Chakras) are read, as well as your overall energy flow.  The energy patterns of both your conscious and subconscious energies are read.  A pendulum and High Sense Perception are the primary tools used for this type of reading. Energetic recommendations are given for areas that are in need of attention to support full balance and functioning.

This type of reading is helpful if you are:

  • Seeking greater self awareness.
  • Tracking a pattern of how your energy centers are functioning.
  • Seeking preventative health measures.
  • Seeking to understanding your subtle energy body in a concrete manner.