Frustrated with trying to feel closer to the ones you love?


Relationships… the source of our greatest joy and frustrations… 

When they’re going well you can feel like you’re on cloud 9, and when they’re not, it seems to put a dark cloud on every other aspect of your life.  Let’s face it, it can be tough these days knowing exactly what you should be doing to feel happier in your marriage, how to get a long better with your mother, or not feel so crazy or concerned as your kids assert their independence!

This is how I can help….

For nearly 20 years, Healing Adventures has been guiding and supporting folks in how to get through the bumps in the road of their relationships…. I offer Spiritual Guidance, which can give an expanded perspective around whatever is occurring.  I also observe the energetic dynamics that are occurring within yourself, as well as within the relationship.  From there we explore how you can move into greater balance in the relationship, and how to use spiritual tools and perspectives to help you feel more at ease.

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Not only can I help you feel closer to the ones you love,
but I can guide you in being able to maintain that feeling over longer periods of time.