It’s hard to know which direction to take sometimes…

You may be feeling unsure of yourself, and not able to trust your own judgment.  There may also be a lot of chaos in your life right now, making it hard to see things clearly.  And let’s face it, sometimes it’s just nice to know that you’re not alone, and that support is there from a higher realm.  It can feel good to be able to identify some of your Spirit Guides, and to be reassured that they are indeed around you and guiding your way.

These are all valid reasons why you might request a Spiritual Reading from me:

  • You’re confused about why something is happening.
  • You’re unsure about what your next step is.
  • You’re curious about your spiritual path.
  • You have questions about a relationship that you’re in.
  • You want a deeper connection with your life’s purpose.
  • You’d like to experience more abundance in your life.


What are my Spiritual Readings like?

Receiving a reading from me is different than receiving a reading from a Psychic or Medium. Whatever is in your best interest to see, hear or experience at this point in time, is what will come through. I also bring you into that information, or awareness, in whatever way I am led to. That means that sometimes it is a continuous flow of information, and sometimes the Guides will tell me to give you some energy work. Sometimes I lead you into a greater understanding of something through a series of questions that I’m given. It’s always different, and I too am never quite sure of how things will unfold.

Mediumship, the practice of communicating with loved ones who have passed over, is typically not what I offer, although this type of spirit communication has occurred on more than one occasion when I’ve been working with someone.

Lastly, all of my readings are done remotely, either over the phone or via email.


The Methods I use:

I have been hearing the voice of my Guides since I was 7 years old, and spent 4 years in formal training to be a Spiritual Healer. I have been offering Spiritual Readings on a professional basis for 20 years, and love being a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.  There are two primary approaches that I take to do this:

High Sense Perception: I sense and communicate with the invisible realm of Spirit by physically feeling energy patterns, hearing messages from the Guides, seeing images in my mind, and tuning into your conscious and subconscious feelings.

SynchroSigns Tiles: I also use a set of divination tiles, that are similar to Tarot Cards. I follow a 5 tile layout because that gives you a good amount of information, but it isn’t too overwhelming.


What your job is:

1. Be clear about your intention. Think about what you would like to get out of your reading, even if it’s just to hear a beneficial message. Keep in mind that these readings are not intended to predict the future or to give a medical diagnosis.

2. Have an open mind. Sometimes the information that comes through makes sense right away, and sometimes it isn’t until days, weeks, or even years later, that you come into a fuller understanding of it.

3. Ask questions. If you do not understand something, please ask questions. My intention is that you come away with a greater understanding of your present situation/condition, and your willingness to ask clarifying questions is a part of that process.

4. Stay empowered. You are responsible for yourself and your decisions. Never follow Guidance blindly, no matter where it is coming from. Always check in to see if it resonates, or “rings true” for you. Readings are meant to bring out the wisdom that is sitting within you, so oftentimes you will have a response of “I knew that!”

5. Enjoy the process. Tapping into the spiritual and subtle energy realms is powerful and exciting. It should be honored and enjoyed for what it is. Keep in mind, however, that there are no magic pills and sometimes what you need to hear is not necessarily what you want to hear. If that occurs, I will support you through the process of how to accept that.


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